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Location: Group Overview

Location: Group Overview

Chong Yick International Group Co., a business in many countries around the world of large multinational companies, has always been committed to creativity, and courage to use new technology, diverse business interests including the global number of market retail, wholesale, real estate development and financial investment, financing and manufacturing and other services, set to 2012, the Group's total asset value of nearly 220 million Hong Kong dollars, the core business include import and export trade, wholesale and retail, textile, medical, food, chemical, real estate, property management, hotels, energy and infrastructure and so on.

Group Chairman Yeung Kwok Shing, Richard(J.P.) in 1981 by the founder, has over 25 years, initially starting by the textile industry and trade, after years of constant innovation and group restructuring, today's employees had people over. Best practice, the greater goal is more strong, the staff and the vision, the management of active able to work together for the construction of the  Chong Yick International Group-quality projects, stringent quality standards and meet customer needs such as high gain international reputation.

Group in recent years in the development of residential, office, industrial and commercial property sales and investment experience and even a major success, since the development of major projects in dozens of successful projects, the Group profit rose steadily, and rely on business intelligence, the Prophet perception, well-paid employment system to attract investment and strong shareholder participation in international organizations successfully C· A certified financial wealth accumulated over the years.

Today, through the Quality Committee and staff worked hard to achieve the target group, and successfully obtained ISO9000: 2000 certificate, this achievement shows the Group stringent quality control program, in line with best international standards and that the Group will continue to provide the highest quality products .